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We partner with all levels of government, non-profit entities, and other businesses. This has been true since 1989. Our purpose is to bring about positive change for Tennesseans. Let's work together, for a better Tennessee! 

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Our mission is to serve Tennessee by improving the well-being of the citizens of state.


Our mission is to partner with other agencies and businesses throughout the state.


Our mission is to change lives for the better by serving Tennesseans and partnering with others to effect change.


To Serve:

We serve Tennesseans to the betterment of the state


Since our inception in 1989, the Tennessee Community Services Agency has been serving Tennessee. Our legislative creation mandates that we serve and that we serve in a way that is accountable to the people, cost effective for the state, and speedily as to ensure there are no gaps in service. Service has always been a part of who we are and, indeed, always will be. No matter who we serve, we always strive to do it with excellence.

To Partner:

Partnering eases the burdens that come with serving Tennesseans


Partnerships with public and private entities is how we were created to operate as a governmental entity. We were made to work hand-in-hand with those seeking to bring about good for the citizens of Tennessee.


If you are a division or department of Tennessee state government, we can skip the RFP process thanks to page one of Rules and Regs: Chapter 0250-7-6, Number (3)

To Change Lives:

To date, we have served well over half a million Tennesseans


We are in this together. We want the same thing. We know we can make a difference when we pool our resources together. Let us come alongside of you and see what differences partnering can make for the good of the citizens of Tennessee. 

We have partnered with over 300 community partners from Memphis to Bristol and all parts of the state in between. We have partnered with over 60 governmental offices on the federal, state, and local levels. We have entered these partnerships because we believe in our mission, and we believe this is the only way to effectively change lives for a better Tennessee. We believe we need each other. We believe we have to work together. We don't need the lime light, we're happy working in the background so long as our mission if furthered and Tennesseans are waking up daily to a brighter future. 

Let's serve together. Let's partner together. Let's change lives together. Let's come together, for a better Tennessee. 

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